Wassup~ I graduated

I am done with school


three more weeks until I graduate




Hi guys

I miss everyone T_T

I’ve been busy with work (and school, even during spring break)

but I’m alive

I don’t think I’ll be able to be super active here tho until graduation, which is one month away

very sorry ._.

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scrxkris: "I got out the whipped cream and she slammed the door in my face."

Jia looked shocked, offended almost.

"If you ask me …" she reached across the table, grabbing the aforementioned can of whip cream and pulled it over to her side, "anyone who would dare turn down whip cream is crazy. She wouldn’t have been worth it." Seeing as how it wasn’t going to be able to be used for its originally purpose, she tilted her head back, mouth open and sprayed the can of whip cream right in her mouth.

Not the most lady-like thing to do, nor the classiest, but as she set the can back on the table and wiped some remnants from the side of her mouth, she had the biggest smile on her face.

"So, you gonna go and find someone to put this whip cream to use on? Or you want to come over and we use these to top some jello shots?"

spdxjongdae: "Shh shh, if you moan like that we’ll get caught."

Jia stopped midway, staring at Jongdae with wide eyes as he told her to be quieter. The two sat, unmoving for a few moments as they heard the sound of footsteps in the hall and the mindless chatter of some of their coworkers. Slowly, and ever so carefully, the two inched up a little and peeked through the glass as their coworkers passed.

If there was one great thing about working at the police department, it was the great amount of hiding spots. In particular, those interrogation rooms and their one-way mirrors. Jia and Jongdae were occupying one such room, and since it was dark on their end, no one on the outside could see in. They just had to be quiet.

"They gone?" Jia asked cautiously. Jongdae smirked and nodded his head as he sidled up to Jia, who responded by promptly shoving a doughnut in his mouth.

"Try it, and you’ll see what I was moaning about. I’m telling you, it’s absolutely delicious

|REACTION MEME| NSFW Valentines Version


  • "I know a game we can play with all this chocolate."
  • "I’m going to lay you down on a bed of roses and…"
  • "I can put it on using just my mouth."
  • "I can take it off using just my teeth."
  • "You’re such a tease!"
  • "I’ll give you a pearl necklace later."
  • "It’s valentines, we can do whatever you want."
  • "I bought a new costume… but I need help getting into it."
  • "I need help getting out of this dress."
  • "Don’t get it in my hair!"
  • "You’re sweating already."
  • "That was quick."
  • "Don’t go yet."
  • "You need to go, now!"
  • "Hide under the bed."
  • "You usually get it up quicker…"
  • "You usually like that…"
  • "That is a massive turn off."
  • "When they said I was whipped, I don’t think they had this in mind…"
  • "Gross, we’re not trying that."
  • "You dropped something, let me bend over and get it for you."
  • "You’re filling me up!"
  • "It’s so big!"
  • "Who’d have guess you liked it rough?"
  • "Don’t lick there!"
  • "Teeth! Stop it with the teeth!"
  • "I… don’t think it’ll fit."
  • "Why would you settle for 7 minutes in heaven when you could have a whole night with me?"
  • "Is that my gift in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
  • "How are we both still dressed?"
  • "Careful, don’t rip it."
  • "Nhhg, quit it, I’ve not finished my shift."
  • "Can I take it out, please the vibrations are sending me crazy?!"
  • "Can I take it out now; sitting down is becoming more and more difficult."
  • "I can’t think straight around you."
  • "St-stop that. I have work to do, we can do it after."
  • "Nice lingerie, but get off of my desk."
  • "How romantic…"
  • "I love it when you talk dirty."
  • "I’ve got a collar with your name on it."
  • "We can’t! They’re in the next room, they’ll hear us."
  • "Now I just have a wet neck and a hickey that will fade in the hour… great."
  • "I’ve got a bag full of massage oils and you know the magic my fingers can do, I’ll be over in a few."
  • "This is so embarrassing, I had a dream about you yesterday."
  • "Shh shh, if you moan like that we’ll get caught."
  • "I didn’t know you were one for watching."

It Might Take a Miracle | Yukwon & Jia


He was done for the day, sighing as he took a mouthful of water from the water bottle beside him, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Looking at it, he saw it came away with a light layer of oil and Yukwon sighed again, looking around the garage at the other employees. Assholes, he thought, throwing his overused, greasy rag into the bin. Could’ve at least said something.

Waving one of his juniors over, he explained what he had checked and fixed, explaining to him what there was left to do with the car. There wasn’t anything major that needed to be fixed, it was all the simple things, really. He had already dealt with the major problems and his junior could handle all the smaller jobs; he was here to learn, after all. Sending him off with the clipboard and a pat to his shoulder after he answered some questions for the younger boy, he turned around, water bottle in hand, and headed into the back area to enter the poor excuse of a locker room they had.

Stripping off the overalls he really had to wash, he threw it into a plastic bag before pulling on his jeans and jacket over his black tank top, checking he had everything: his wallet, phones, cigarettes, lighter and gun while walking out of the room, throwing his now empty water bottle into the closest bin. By the time he had stepped outside of the garage, his face was clean, an unlit cigarette resting between his lips and a rather annoying clanking sound became louder until it came to a sudden halt, the car now parked outside of the garage. Well, hello to you too.

A woman exited the vehicle and he gave her car a quick look over before turning his attention to her, pulling the cigarette from his lips. Even if he was finished for the day, evaluating the car wouldn’t do much harm. Throwing the cigarette into the plastic bag with his overalls, he walked down the driveway towards the car. “Has it been giving you any other problems than the noise?” he asked, opening the driver’s door to access the interior hood latch.

It was an old model, so upon lifting the hood, he kept it up with the prop rod, leaning over the engine as he inspected it carefully. He could feel his face starting to heat up again with the heat coming from the engine and oh boy, maybe there was more work for this one than expected. “When was the last time you got your car maintained?” he asked, turning to look up at the woman who brought the car in.

When the questions started coming Jia’s eyes widened and confusion was evident in her expression. Maintenance? She was supposed to take her car for maintenance? For once, she found herself caught off guard as she looked at the mechanic nervously.

"I … haven’t; not since I got it. So maybe … 4 years?" she shrugged her shoulders, still looking as clueless as ever. "How often am I supposed to take it for maintenance?" Depending on his answer, well, that would explain why her car always sounded like it was dying.

"Other than the noise, it doesn’t always start. I usually have to try a few times to get it working" Never mind the fact that just getting it here was a chore already. She sighed, scratching her head as she looked down at the ground sheepishly. For all that she took pride in her position as intel for the police department, she was awfully uninformed when it came to vehicles. Not that she really needed it, there were others in the department she could look to for help about that. Not that cars ever really played a part in the work she did.

"So, this probably isn’t a quick fix, is it?" she asked hesitantly, leaning against the side of the car as she crossed her arms.

Game Day || Jia and Zelo


It came as a surprise to Zelo that his demon-boss would be human enough to know about games, let alone their release dates and be able to have purchased one the morning of. “I was going to get it later ,” Zelo explained, eyes still widened at the crisp plastic wrapped game, “How did you get one so fast?!”

Okay, maybe Zelo hadn’t planned to purchase one since his definition of “get” meant letting innocent victims lime up for him then lifting it out when they least expected but Jia wouldn’t do that. Did she actually line up at midnight for it? His silent question a musing as genuine respect crept up on his face for the first time.

"Wow, I didn’t think anyone here would know it," he admitted, since the SPD appeared so serious. Actually, now that the physical copy was in front of him, he had an itch to play. "You know," he began casually, "this game is best played one on one."

She chuckled. His enthusiasm pretty evident in his voice and she had a feeling that ever since this conversation started it would lead to his unspoken question of ‘can I play?

"Is that a challenge, Choi?" she rested her chin on her hands as she looked up at him, a confident smile on her face. Though she was just as eager to play as him, looking at the amount of work that she wanted to get done today, that would still have to wait. Then again, if Zelo was already here, it wouldn’t hurt to rope someone else in to helping her.

"Tell you what, you file these reports for me, and you can come over and play tonight, alright?" with that, she dropped an intimidating looking stack of files in front of him, her smile never fading as she waited for him to take care of them. "I’ll even buy you dinner"



As the captain exited for a smoke, Youngjae smirked. “I guess this is a yes, huh, Officer Jia,” he sniggered as he wondered about all the trouble that could be brought down upon Scorpio, Arcanum and FQVZ— coughs. Well. “So,” he rubs his hands together eagerly. “You, me and doughnut heist. We need to plan this well. Can’t tell that slacker. I mean. What’s his name again? The non-Asian name guy, can’t tell him date or plan. Must lure him though, right into the middle of the aftermath of the heist.

"I like this. This is fun."

Lifting head off table, Zelo heard a familiar irritating noise and turned in the direction before yelling across the office at the Squishy, “I CAN HEAR YOU FROM HERE AND I HAVE A GODDAMN NAME YOU OLD SENILE THING!” I’m too tired to deal with this, he groans, before putting his head back to sleep. Jia better not listen to that thing.

Hearing Zelo complain, Jia walked over to his desk, nudging his chair a little to disturb his sleeping position. “Choi Junhong. If all you’re going to do is sleep then get out of here” she told him, smirking a little. It was unprofessional to be ‘sleeping on the job’ after all, plus it would help her and Youngjae if he wasn’t around. “If you’re done with your work for the day you might as well go home, Youngjae and I have some business to take care of still”